Polaroid 2019

Polaroid (2019) โพลารอยด์ ถ่ายติดตาย

Polaroid Sarah and Linda are going through the belongings of their deceased mother when they find an old Polaroid camera. Linda receives an “like,” which prompts Sarah to take a picture of her wearing lingerie with the Polaroid camera. Sarah is uneasy when the flash is turned on. Sarah is left alone after her friend has gone. She spots a shadow behind her in the picture. She is shocked and considers the smudge an smudge and starts cleaning. She starts hearing strange sounds emanating from her attic. She is scared to fall from the attic and instead of falling down to her feet, she winds being hung by her ankles. She is able to feel a sigh of relief when her hair falls into her face. But, an unknown entity takes her down and knocks her offscreen.

Bird, an aspiring high school student receives an old Polaroid Camera by Tyler who is her coworker. Tyler bought it at an auction. It is marked with the initials RJS. Bird captures a picture of Tyler and then observes something odd in the photo.

Bird attends an event for costumes with Kasey, her closest friend. She also gets to meet Mina and Mina’s boyfriend Devin, Avery and Bird’s high school crush Connor. Avery takes a selfie using her Polaroid camera. Bird snaps the group’s picture using her Polaroid camera. Sheriff Pembroke informs Bird that Tyler was murdered by the creature. Bird goes home to view Tyler’s photograph unaffected by the shadow. Avery’s picture is mysteriously transformed into Tyler’s. Polaroid HD

Avery is killed by the force who snapped her neck. Bird notices this and tries to take out the camera. Devin attempts to ignite the photo of the group however Mina’s arm suddenly sparks up when the flames get to her. Prior to when Bird takes out the fire, Kasey’s hands get soiled, and the photo is reconstructed. Mina is taken to the hospital to undergo an operation on her arm. Devin, Kasey and Connor depart to learn more about the camera. Bird is attacked in an antique store by an creature. It behaves the same way as an image, and follows the same guidelines of photographic development (i.e. It also is sensitive to heat. It is a mystery what caused her to be chased, and then sees her reflection on the background of the picture.

Mina is assaulted by an entity and is killed in a hospital. Devin finds Mina’s body and accuses Bird of her murder. Bird and Connor look into the matter and discover that the camera was owned by Roland Joseph Sable (RJS) who was a former instructor of photography at the school they attended. The teacher was accused of killing and torturing four students while taking insane photographs. Roland was killed and shot by the police after one of the prisoners was able to escape. Devin confronts Bird in the restaurant and accuses Bird of being the one responsible. He tries to capture Bird as an act of threatening. Devin and Connor battle to capture the camera. Devin is accidentally captured by the camera. The shadow is transferred onto his picture, indicating that he’s next. Devin is threatening Bird. Kasey saves Bird and then stabs Devin with the pencil. The wounds he inflicts on him occur in the real world. Devin is furious over being stabbed, becomes angry and accidentally hits Sheriff Pembroke. Devin is arrested and then killed inside his cell by Roland. Bird was unaware that Roland was attacking Devin and was planning to murder him.

Bird, Kasey and Connor discover that Roland’s wife is alive, and they go to visit her. Lena Sable, an elderly woman, explains to them that the camera belongs to Rebecca Jane Sable (RJS). Lena states she believes that Rebecca was slow, and she became connected to the camera after she received the camera. Rebecca was victimized by four of her peers who had the camera and used it to take inappropriate pictures. In shame, she took her own life. Roland, her father took her away and killed her bullies as a show of anger. Roland is still out in the streets looking for the last bully who will be killed even though he’s dead. Lena shows them a picture of the person who survived, and they look through yearbooks. Bird finds out that Sheriff Pembroke was the survivor. Connor takes a picture of Pembroke to prove that Roland had assaulted Rebecca numerous times. Lena’s story was just to cover up her husband’s sinister actions. Rebecca was among her acquaintances who attempted to inform her of her father’s behavior when he saw her naked photographs. Roland was the only one to take the pictures, frightened that the public would find out the truth, and Rebecca was forced to take her own life due to guilt.

Then, Roland appears and ambushes the group. Pembroke’s photo is cut in half, and immediately kills him. Roland is stabbed by Kasey on the leg, making her lose the ability to walk. Connor is separated from Bird as well as Kasey; Bird turns on the heat to block Roland from getting to the girls. Bird is able to locate Connor and they meet. Bird is thinking of a plan. It is about Bird returning her camera (which was taken away when Sheriff Pembroke died) and going to a place where Roland could “fully grow.” Roland appears and drags Connor however, Bird takes a picture of herself, which prompts him to pursue her. He can fully develop in the dim classroom. Bird sets up an elaborate trap by connecting the camera to an alarm clock. However, the photographer sees the plan and shows up in a strange place, slamming her neck, and then taking her by the neck. She is able to steal the camera from Roland and take a picture of him just as he’s planning to murder and stab her. Roland is able to take the camera however Bird swiftly smashes it with a plan to take him down. The girl is able to survive, but she is afraid for her life, and chooses to burn the camera. (And in doing so, she also burned her fingers) and then disintegrates Roland and eventually eliminating the spirit that is evil. Then, she returns to her companions and then tosses the camera into the river.


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