Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over HD

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2003) พยัคฆ์ไฮเทค 3 มิติ

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over Juni Cortez has resigned from the OSS shortly after the the events of the sequel film. He is now in peace and works as an investigator for private companies, but with a modest pay. He gets contacted by the president Devlin who is the former head of the OSS, informs him that his sister Carmen Cortez is missing following an unsuccessful operation.

Juni encounters a newly-formed DonnagonGiggles and Francesca in the department of computing and technology of the OSS. They tell them that Carmen was captured by the Toymaker. He was an OSS informant who was held in cyberspace. But, he’s developed Game Over which is an online game that uses virtual reality . He intends to utilize the game to escape cyberspace through players who have reached the level 5. Juni is willing to join the game in order to help Carmen and shut the game with only 12 hours to be victorious. He also discovers that his sister’s last sighting was in Level 4.

Juni is awed by the game’s difficulties. He only has nine lives, and has already lost one. Three beta-testers are found in a medieval town which looks cartoonish, Arnold and Rez. They grant him access to the Moon and send him to space, and assist him in defeating the other players.

Juni who is a lunar explorer the Moon and is a victim of another death and is offered the chance to assist a friend. He chooses Valentin his grandfather, who is disabled and has a connection to the Toymaker. Valentin receives a power-up which allows him to wear a robot bodysuit. This grants him the capability to walk, and the strength of a superhuman. He is taken by Juni by surprise and advises Juni to reassemble in the future. In the search for a Level 2 entry, Juni is able to enter a battle arena to take on Demetra. He is determined to go back to Earth and level 2. He receives an even more powerful robot suit and put on a mecha for the fight with Demetra. He is victorious over three rounds, afterward, he returns to Earth to take on Demetra.

He’s again greeted by beta-testers who claim to be an opponent known as “The Guy” and who is able to surpass Level 5. Rez isn’t convinced , and is able to challenge Juni to a mega-race that includes a variety of vehicles. This allows them to get to Level 3. The only rule in this game is to win at any cost. With the assistance of Valentin, Juni wins the race, and Demetra is also a participant. Juni and Demetra have romance and he offers her a medpack that contains additional lives. He also presents her with a map that is illegal. When they reach the level of 3, Arnold and Juni must fight with each other. The winner gets the game instantly over. Juni is unable to live his entire life in the fight. But, Demetra switches places with Juni and prevails, thereby winning the match. This is a major upset for Juni.

Juni and her group reach Level 4, where Carmen is released by the Toymaker. Carmen then guides the group on. Carmen realizes the presence of their grandfather and tells Juni that the Toymaker was the reason why their grandfather was using the wheelchair. Juni follows a map to the filled with lava. The group travels through the lavas. The OSS discovers the story of Valentin and the Toymaker. Donnagon is concerned about the possibility that Valentin may try to get revenge. She attempts to stop the Toymaker from reaching Level 5. But they are unable to stop them when they fall into the hot lava. They realize that the lava is safe and they reach a cavern which is where they’ll discover the entrance to Level 5. Carmen informs them that they have just five minutes before the door is opened to Level 5. The other players begin to think they are being deceived by Carmen as well as Juni are swindlers, and Rez warns Juni with the possibility of a game-over. However, the real Guy arrives and unlocks the door. However, he is struck by lightning from the Toymaker’s booby trap and is unable to play for ninety-nine lives. The Toymaker creates Level 5 to make it impossible for him to play, which means that the remainder of the group has to move on.

Demetra is seen in the level 5 area. It’s a purple-colored cyberspace. Demetra claims that she has returned after an error. Carmen however, recognizes her as “The Deceiver” which is a program designed to fool players. Demetra affirms her claim and apologizes to Juni and the Toymaker is able to attack the group with a massive robot. Valentin arrives and opens the doors to the real world to the group. He is not able to go along with them since someone has to keep the door open. Demetra crying, swiftly unlocks the door to ensure she can join the group. Then it is revealed that Valentin had released the Toymaker and that the robot arm of the villain was currently invading the city.

Juni and Carmen summon their families: Ingrid and Gregorio, their parents, and Gregorio’s brother Machete. Their grandmother as well as Uncle Felix. Juni calls on characters from the two previous films to help her with managing the many robots. The robot of the Toymaker is the only one left standing. Valentin faces The Toymaker and forgave him for his actions. Valentin has been trying to locate The Toymaker for over 30 years. The Toymaker shuts down his robot and joins with other Cortez families and friends celebration of the life of their beloved family members.



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